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Post by Wooxy on Mon Feb 01, 2010 9:31 am

Hello Guys,

Short introduction of myself,

My ingame name is Wooxy, (real name is Sebas). I live in the Netherlands, 18 years old and i am study'ing international business and econmics on a high school.

I met Acekilla in a Team Fortress 2 server and he asked me to take a look on his website so here i am ^^ I just play for only 2 days Team Fortress 2 but i already play for a long long longg time Call of Duty 4. I am part of a community called NoobDude (big community whit 93 member, and 3 COD4 clans / 1 MW2 clan / 2 SWAT 4 clans. (www.NoobDude.com) Take a look @ it!Wink

I look forward to play whit u guys, first impression was good! Wink But I dont have ur ip adresses of your TF2 server! Surprised

If you guys want to talk 2 me on xfire or steam thats possible! Just add me! Wink (i am more on xfire then on steam xD)
Xfire: Wooxy99
Steam: Wooxy99


Wooxy cheers


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Re: Wooxy

Post by BigBoss on Mon Feb 01, 2010 5:27 pm

Welcome to the forums man glad to hear you had fun with some of the members. Feel free to come play with us anytime the server ip is

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