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Tomorrow at 6:00 am I start my first day of work. Since my schedule will be so crazy I can't say when I will actually be on during the day time. I get off at 2-3 in the afternoon so I might be around a little after work some days but it is safe to say that activity is gonna decrease a lot. I still expect the rules of the clan to be followed which means admins actually doing their full job and making people get in TeamSpeak. If I find out it's not happening both the member and admin will pay the price. This is the time to see who can step up and show me that they deserve to be an admin around here. I know that this post may seem dickish but it's not, it's just the simple truth. You have admin in this clan because I trust that you can make sure we keep things up when I cant be around. Now, with this job I do plan on getting us another server so that boss can just run TeamSpeak. This will improve Server up time and preserve some of bosses bandwidth so that we can have a full TS server and experience few problems,since these issues are ones that boss can't help. However, I will only buy this server if I know that we can get the donations to keep it up. I might be working but I am not paying the monthly bill on my own while there are 30-35 members in this clan, most of which are over the age of 18. Please dont make posts saying " I would if I could" I know who can and who can't we have been over this to many times. Also with my job opening up, our clan will be spreading to the PS3 so if you have one and a PSN I.D then I will announce the official date once I know it. It has also come to my attention that some of our members have been sharing XBox GT's over facebook so the possibility of an X Box Division may appear in our console debut aswell but only time will tell. I will need to have an admin meeting Wednesday ( My day off ) so admins please be around if you can.

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