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Change List - Constantly updated check often

Post by AceKiLLA on Thu Aug 26, 2010 8:47 pm

Over the next few weeks or so I will be workin on some huge changes to this clan that hopefully will keep it operating at a steady pace whether I am here to check on it or not. Some of those changes include:

Website Update

Forum Update

Rule Change

Application and Application Proccess change

Probation Periods

Server Update

Contests and Prizes

Official Division Update

Division Adding Process

Admin Changes

Admin Process Change

Donation Benefits

Community Event Changes

Event Updates

As you can obviously see there are gonna be a lot of changes taking place. I will need to start holding regular admin meetings to get reports from new and old admins on activity and member behavior. Clan meetings to make sure that all members stay as satisfied as possible. At the time of clan meetings we will take suggestions on things to improve change or remove. We will also go over possible plans for clan expansion and monthly costs. I have plans to update the clans website service to a higher package which will mean that we will need donations it shouldnt cost much and until we get more new members that and stats for our server are all we will attempt to purchase. Once more members have been recruited we will talk about server buying and so on. I will be changing ranks, of course the admins still call the shots but we will have more ranks will more abilities then regular member status. Boss I have a lot of plans for the server that I need to go over with you so next time we have time to talk we will need to have a meeting. I will make user bars and avatars for each rank. To help people tell who they need to get a hold of if something ever goes down. I can go on and on about changes and updates but I will stop for now. In short expect a full rebuild of this clan over time. Since I am working it will take longer then usual. I will get it done though.

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