Erotic and Explicit Latin (translated into English)

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Erotic and Explicit Latin (translated into English)

Post by Love on Fri Apr 08, 2011 8:24 pm

I love these; they are from poems, plays or speeches, etc. Note: forced oral was worse than forced anal. Bugger means "sodomize," which here indicates anal sex or rape.


Bugger the boy, fuck the girl!
For the bearded thief the third-degree [facerape]!


You people with dishonest intentions
Who try to steal from this garden
You'll be buggered with my "yardstick."
If so hard and weighty a punishment
Fails to dissuade, I'll aim higher!


I'll bugger you, thief, for the first offense.
The second time, into the mouth it goes!
But if you commit a third theft, both!


If a woman, man or boy makes theft against me,
Her cunt, his head, and that virgin ass shall I take.


I could have spoken obscurely: "Give me that which you can
Always give yet never perishes.

Give me that which one day, perhaps, when the envious beard
Besieges your sagging cheeks, you will wish in vain to give.

That which the darling boy* whom the sacred bird snatched up,
And who now mixes pleasing cups for his lover, gave to Jove.

That which the foolish virgin gives to her eager husband
On the first night, when she fears the wounding of the other place."

It's simpler by far in plain English - GIVE ME SOME ASS!
Well, what can I do? My wit is crass.

*Jupiter (Jove) loved the young boy Ganymede so much that he sent his eagle ("sacred bird") to snatch him so that Jupiter could make him the wine-bearer of the gods, and, consequently, fuck him whenever he pleased.


These were inscribed on slingshot pellets used in the Battle of Perugia,

"I [I, the slingshot pellet] seek Octavian's asshole!"

"Hail Octavian! You suck!"

"Loose Octavian, sit on this one!"

"Bald Lucius Antonius and Fulvia, open up your assholes!"


These are from graffiti at Pompeii (I AM NOT making this shit up):

"Cosmus, Equitia's slave, is a big pervert and cocksucker, with legs spread apart."

"Narcissus is the biggest cocksucker!"

"Whoever fucks a boy on fire hurts his cock."

"SECUNDUS has fucked boys till they hurt." - A boast.

"I want to fuck a boy."

"Vesbinus is a pervert; Vitalio has fucked him."

"Here I fuck Rufus, dear to...[missing]...Eat your heart out, girls! Farewell, stuck-up cunt!"

"Felix sucks for an as [a nickel, or so]!"

"On 9 Sept., Q. Postumius asked A. Attius to allow me to fuck him."



A saying concerning sex with each gender: "She covers you with blood, and he, on the other hand, with shit." - Lucilius

From a comedic play of Plautus; Ballio is a pimp, Simo an old man, and Harpax a slave:

Ballio: [addressing the slave Harpax] So then. When you were a boy, did you used to lie in a cradle?

Simo: Of course he did.

Ballio: And did you also use to - you know what I mean?

Simo: Of course he did.

Harpax: Are you crazy?!

Ballio: Well, did you? At night when the soldier went on watch, and you went with him, did his "sword" fit in your "sheath"?

Harpax: GO TO HELL!

From other comedies of Plautus:

1. On the Tuscan road there are men who sell themselves, either the sort who turn themselves around for you, or who offer others an opportunity to be turned around.

2. If you're a boy, and the gods make you a pimp's slave and also make you ugly, you have a really, really, hard time of it. I know that from my own experience, for that's the kind of slavery I've got here. I've got all sorts of troubles on all sides, big ones and small ones. And I can't find myself a lover anywhere, somebody to love me, so I could be cared for even a little bit. Today is the pimp's birthday. He's threatened us all, from the biggest to the smallest: he says anybody who doesn't send him a gift today is gonna be tortured and crucified tomorrow. So I've got no idea what to do. I can't do THAT thing, like those slaves do, who can. But unless I send the pimp a gift today, I'll have to drink the fuller's juice* tomorrow. Oh dear, I'm really still too small for THAT thing. But gosh, I'm so afraid of him now, if anybody gives me something to make my hand heavier, though they say THAT thing makes you groan a lot when it happens, I think I'll be able to bite down hard and bear it somehow.

*"fuller's juice," the fuller was a dry cleaner. This could mean that he has to be beaten like the the fuller beats dust out of clothes, or that he has to drink urine (i.e. perform oral sex), that the fullers used as a solvent.

"THAT thing" is, I'm guessing, anal sex.

3. Hegio: "As you wish, I willingly take it."

Ergasilus: "I believe it. That's what you used to do when you were a boy."

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Re: Erotic and Explicit Latin (translated into English)

Post by BigBoss on Thu Apr 14, 2011 5:34 pm

This stuff is pretty entertaining lol.

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Re: Erotic and Explicit Latin (translated into English)

Post by Fallen_Angel on Wed Apr 27, 2011 10:44 pm

Mean ass old latins , damn

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Re: Erotic and Explicit Latin (translated into English)

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