Clan Meeting

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Clan Meeting

Post by Fallen_Angel on Thu Apr 28, 2011 10:55 pm

Applications ; Come into teamspeak for a week or 2 time period , play with members and talk. Then everyone will get in group and vote live.

IM; Steam is a request, if the member or application does not have steam encourage the person to get on first priority and if they dont want that 2nd priority is If the person does not like IM's b3 needs a way to get a hold of you theres the option of giving a b3 admin an email address or cell # , we need to get a hold of you somehow.

Tags and Names; B3 has not aloud any 3rd party tags , B3 - Your Name - Admin tag maybe. Name changes aren't such a big deal anymore as in BC2 you cant change your name, but in TF2 it was an issue.

Updates; Its encouraged to use forums to make them appear active especially for new members or potential joiners. If its dead some gamers may be compelled to leave or not join. some may not care. 50/50. Anything is wanted , funny crap , spam , gaming posts, something to make it look active and give an impression of our clan. Occasionally just drop a post, Theres a place for everything.

Future; Brink will be a future game , Multiple people interested in it but if the clan cannot play together than it may be dropped. But if its a game the clan can play in and have fun it will be official clan game. APB : Reloaded will probably be another official division of the clan ..... Unless it fails again.

Battlefield 3 will be the next MAJOR B3 game as its fucking awesome.

Other Consoles; If you want drop your PSN name ... haha bye bye credit card info. And Xbox live gamertag, some members have consoles and are willing to play with you.

Contest; The #1 player in our server game tracker when battlefield 3 comes out Ace will buy you Battlefield 3 for you and gift it as a token appreciation, if #1 is not a b3 gamer than the highest b3 player will get it. ANNNddd , the most active player that sucks the most will also get a copy cause we feel sorry for you. Also the person who brings and recruits the most people will get the same token of appreciation, from Ace.

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