Boss this is directed at you, please read. Teamspeak 3

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Boss this is directed at you, please read. Teamspeak 3

Post by Fallen_Angel on Thu May 12, 2011 9:10 pm

Recently ive been unable to see whose in what channel they are hidden until i join the channel this makes it hard to see whose all online and in what channel so i dug around to see if it was on my side and what options to fix. I found this article explaining it basically needs to be changed by the admin.

How do I set the visibility of people in channels?
The TeamSpeak server offers two modes which have to be set in the web administration interface under "Server Settings" by an administrator:
Clan Server, which means you can see every user connected to the server, good for servers that have a relativly low usercount.
Public Server, which makes it impossible for connected clients to see who is in channels other than the one they are currently in, very usefull for huge servers, where all the "Member left" and "Member joined" sounds would disturb the users and packets submitting data only relevant for other channels would raise your traffic.
Actually this designation is a bit missleading as PUBLIC does not mean "the server is open for all". PUBLIC / CLAN mode switches between the visability of all users on the server (independant in which channel they are) / only see people in the same channel and the join and leave sound notification.

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